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New Jersey Devils @ Philadelphia Flyers - April 29, 2012

New Jersey Devils
Philadelphia Flyers

Free NHL Pick: New Jersey Devils @ Philadelphia Flyers

April 29, 2012

Devils who knocked out Panthers will visit the Flyers who beat their arch rivals Penguins in the 1st round. That was the wildest series we have seen in years. I doubt we will see a series like that this season again. Every match, it went one side and then the other, come back and come back and finally the Flyers went through. 

Devils and Panthers series was nowhere close. Low scoring games and inconsistent matches by each team. In the end it was the Devils who progressed. ->Read more »


Washington Capitals @ New York Rangers - April 28 2012

Washington Capitals
New York Rangers

Free NHL prediction: Washington Capitals @ NY Rangers

April 28, 2012

I was wrong about Washington Capitals against last year's champions Boston Bruins. I watched all games between Capitals and Bruins and before the 7th game, it pretty much always looked like Bruins was the better team on ice. However, their dominance in puck possession was not enough and actually it is never enough. Those who dominate a game with more possession, more face-off wins or even more shots, do not always win. I watched last night's match between Phoenix Coyotes and Nashville Predators. pick won last night but the game was not near what I had expected it to be. Coyotes who had a pretty good 40 minutes and who led the game three times were almost destroyed by the Predators in 3rd period and also in overtime. What happened in the end? Predators were able to tie the game late in 3rd but despite outshooting Coyotes 20-1 at a point in overtime, they lost in the end. Coyotes goaltender Mike Smith was amazing yes but then it all comes down to one aspect of hockey. Scoring.->Read more »


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