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New Jersey Devils @ New York Rangers - May 16 2012

New Jersey Devils
New York Rangers

Rangers Devils playoff pick May 16

Free NHL Pick: NJ Devils @ NY Rangers

May 16, 2012

The first match's score shouldn't misguide you. 3-0 does not reflect the game at all. It was of course still a perfect start for the New York Rangers. The first 40 minutes of the match looked like there was not going to be a goal and that we would end up watching the overtime.->Read more »

NJD: 3 @ NYR: 2

Los Angeles Kings @ Phoenix Coyotes - May 15 2012

Los Angeles Kings
Phoenix Coyotes

Free NHL Pick: LA Kings @ Phoenix Coyotes

May 15 2012

If Kings win tonight, it's going to be their 7th road win. Which would match the record of Chicago Blackhawks in 2010. They really have been playing like the team that deserves to win the Stanley Cup this season. It didn't start this year. They have been progressing in recent years and this year is their year. Kings have a fantastic roster with almost every player capable of shooting the puck and score. Dwight King, Dustin Brown, Kopitar, Doughty, Penner, Richards. The whole team is energetic players. It's really not an easy task to defend a team that is so skilled like the Kings.->Read more »


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