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Support offer top quality premium NHL picks and tips. We watch every NHL game and give our members the best NHL picks. We have had great success since 2008. If you are looking for the best NHL picks, do not look further!

We always try to make sure this site runs perfectly. If you come across any problems with the website, please feel free to contact us by clicking here


1- Do I have to become a premium member to acces premium picks? Don't you have free picks?

- We do have free picks but they don't come on daily basis. We try to make sure our regular members also get the best available picks too but premium members get premium picks everyday.For the free picks you also have to be a member. Register for free if you have not.

2- What are the rules for picks? Do the picks include overtime and shootout?

- We try to state in every pick if overtime and shoot out are included. Moneyline means that they are included. If you see the "moneyline" written next to a pick, it means it includes overtime and shoot out. Still, if ML not stated, we always mean "overtime and shootout are not included".

3- Why do you publish premium picks only few hours before the game starts?

- We try to make sure we get accurate line up information for the teams playing. In order to make the best picks, we need to know who is starting and who is not. Also some injured players listed as "day to day" are not certain until a few hours before a game. So we try to take the time to receive the most accurate and updated information for the teams before we publish a premium pick. We try to make sure you know what time the picks will be published. We also send out emails to our premium members and notify them once a premium pick has been published.

4- What kind of bets do you offer? Moneyline, puckline or OVER/UNDER? What about the odds?

- Depending on pre game analysis, we choose the best bet for you. We sometimes go with moneyline, sometimes over/under and puckline. As for the odds, we always try to offer odds over 1.70 (-140) to give you a good value bet. Therefore sometimes we go with 3 way betting (regulation time only) as they offer better odds.  

5- About winning and losing streaks.

- Just like every sports tipster we have our good and bad weeks too. Sometimes you will find us with a 10 game winning streak but it sometimes goes the opposite way. However, in long term we do our best to make it as successful as possible. In 2008-2009 we hit over 70% with our premium picks even though there has been times we lost for three consecutive days.

6- I am a premium member but I have difficulties in logging in to the website. I therefore can not read premium picks only available for premium members.

- This may be due to use of old browsers. Some of the old browsers have problem with caching web pages and some cookies do not work properly with them. Please make sure you have the newest web browsers such as Firefox 3.5 or Internet Explorer 8. You can download Firefox 3.5 here and IE8 here 


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