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By deivid - Posted on 17 May 2012

Phoenix Coyotes
Los Angeles Kings

Free NHL Pick: Phoenix Coyotes @ Los Angeles Kings

May 17, 2012

Phoenix Coyotes are in the worst position they could ever be, falling to 0-2 against the Kings in two games on home ice. Now they are visiting them in Los Angeles and they will have to repeat what Kings did to them. Can they? That's going to be really really difficult. I didn't see much from the Coyotes offense in the first two games. In the series opener, they couldn't even have one scoring chance in first period except for the goal from the halfway line. In the second game, Kings outshot them by almost 2X and that really looks bad. You can see how bad it looks, if you take a look at the odds at any sportsbook today. The Moneyline bet on LA Kings is not even worth it.

I am going to go with a Total Goals bet tonight. Because the Coyotes desperately need a win tonight, they will have to take all the risks and attack from the first minute of the game. And, for that reason, I believe they won't be shut out tonight. Also because of the risky play I expect from the visitors, Kings will have plenty of scoring chances. The way the Kings played on powerplay, they were far from impressive except for the goals they scored on 5 on 3's. I am expecting a different powerplay strategy from the Kings coach tonight. He has 2-0 lead and he can test different pp strategies. When will he do that anyway? They will have to improve that sometime. 

This should go OVER 4,5 Goals with Coyotes in need of a win desperately and the chances Kings will have tonight.

Free NHL Pick: Over 4.5 Goals [ML]

PHO: 1 @ LAK: 2

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