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By deivid - Posted on 08 May 2012

New Jersey Devils
Philadelphia Flyers

Free NHL Pick: NJ Devils @ Philadelphia Flyers
May 8th 2012

I have been completely wrong about this series. When you try to write free NHL picks, sometimes you have to listen to your instincts. Looking at how Devils played against Panthers and then how the Flyers have been rocking on powerplays against the Penguins and seeing their offensive power all season long. On top of that, they had scorers like Giroux and Briere. OK the goaltending has never been decent for them. It's hard to defend Bryzgalov against harsh criticism even though I still believe him to be a decent goaltender, if not a very good one considering his previous performances.

But the truth is the Devils are leading this series 3-1 and the Philadelphia Flyers are on the edge of elimination. What makes it worse for them? Giroux received a 1 match ban and he won't be on the ice tonight. Remember who scored both goals in the latest game when Flyers lost 4-2 after blowing a 2-0 lead? It was Giroux, who else?

So we have Flyers who is desperately looking to turn things around and they are without their points leader Giroux. 

Most people believe tonight's game will possibly be the end of season for the Flyers. It's hard to disagree with them in light of all the signals. 

I still expect more from this series and I wouldn't be surprised if Flyers play perfect tonight even without their top scorer, Giroux. 

I know one thing better about tonight's game. It's that, one team is without its top scorer and the other has a goaltender and defense that has been pretty good. All you can expect from the Devils tonight is similar to what Capials tried last night in New York. Sit back, stay calm, block shots and then score on breakaways and powerplays. Capitals failed but only because Rangers scored a late powerplay goal with 6 seconds remaining in 3rd.

If I am right, this game should go UNDER regardless of the outcome. I am going with that selection.

Free NHL Pick: UNDER 5.5 Goals


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