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How to make profit in NHL betting?

There is no exact answer to this question. However, if you are a long time bettor, you learn from your experiences.

First rule: Realistic goals!

If you think you can make a million dollars out of nothing, you should stop dreaming. Try to stay away from parlays. If you are betting on multiple games and if you combine these bets, you are decreasing your chances of winning.

Let's give an example:

You bet on 1 hockey match, UNDER/OVER Goals betting. You have 50% chance of winning as there are two outcomes.

If you bet on 2 games, you have 25% chance of winning, if you bet on 3 games, your winning chance goes down to 12.5%.

Second rule: Don't be greedy!

Sometimes you get lucky and you might be winning three days in a row. This doesn't mean you have found a secret way of winning every bet. When you make a profit, do not get greedy and place another bet immediately. Stick to your long term plan and make sure you risk the amount you can afford.

Third rule: Knowledge is power!

If you are not into ice hockey, if you are not following the teams, players on a daily basis, do not bet on yourself. Injuries happen everyday in the NHL, it changes how teams perform. Line changes are another factor. A team can play excellent one day and terrible the other. It's best to invest in a sports tipster website like to increase your chances. 

good luck!


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