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LA Kings and powerplays

Los Angeles Kings need to improve the powerplay

I have seen all playoff games so far and that includes Los Angeles Kings games too. Kings are simply amazing. They have lost only one game so far and they are about to sweep the Coyotes and wait for their next opponent in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. Everything from goaltending to goal scoring has been stellar for the Kings. ->Read more »

Phoenix Coyotes @ Los Angeles Kings - May 17 2012

Phoenix Coyotes
Los Angeles Kings

Free NHL Pick: Phoenix Coyotes @ Los Angeles Kings

May 17, 2012

Phoenix Coyotes are in the worst position they could ever be, falling to 0-2 against the Kings in two games on home ice. Now they are visiting them in Los Angeles and they will have to repeat what Kings did to them. Can they? That's going to be really really difficult. I didn't see much from the Coyotes offense in the first two games. In the series opener, they couldn't even have one scoring chance in first period except for the goal from the halfway line. In the second game, Kings outshot them by almost 2X and that really looks bad. You can see how bad it looks, if you take a look at the odds at any sportsbook today. The Moneyline bet on LA Kings is not even worth it.->Read more »

PHO: 1 @ LAK: 2

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